Happy 85th SGC!

Posted on: 19 October

The Sandringham Golf Club was founded on 9 September 1937 and that makes the club 85 years old this year.

Contrary to what some of you might think none of our current members have been around all that time however it’s a great
tribute to those who have been members, office bearers and committee members that the club has survived and is now thriving.

The traditional thing when you write about anniversaries is to look up what they signify (think diamond wedding anniversaries etc.). It turns out that the traditional gift for an 85th anniversary is … wine! Given that, if this was a marriage, both partners would likely to be over 100yrs old it seems an odd choice. A tipsy time for one last time maybe! However when next you are in a position to do so raise a glass to toast the Club’s 85th year!

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